Red Flags That Should Scare You Away from Poor IT Consulting Partners

IT consulting

Finding a good IT consulting partner is like finding a diamond. You have to dig, but the discovery will enrich your business. You will feel amazed at how smoothly things can run when you have a partner you can trust.

To find this type of partner, you want to know what red flags you should look for as you evaluate your options. Knowing what good IT support would never do can help you find the partner you can rely on. Here are the key traits to watch for.

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Red Flags That Indicate a Poor IT Consulting Partner

They’ll nickel and dime you

A good IT partner is concerned with supporting you. Sure, different services have costs. However, a good IT partner wouldn’t try to tack on charges for every support call to squeeze every bit of money out of the relationship.

They’ll aggressively upsell you

If your IT partner never misses an opportunity to aggressively upsell or try to get you to buy products and services you don’t need, they likely do not have your best interests at heart. A good partner can carefully evaluate what you need, help you prioritize and guide your decision-making based on what directly benefits your business, not their bottom line.

They’ll fail to take your bottom line into consideration

Your IT partner should understand that we are all on a budget. While an ideal world might see you with enough funding to buy every product and service available, reality does not work like that. Your IT partner should help you realistically evaluate and prioritize options based on your budget, so you maximize your protection and productivity based on your bottom line.

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That’ll make you overpay for services

A quality partner will not see you as a source of income but as someone they support. Therefore, they will offer you fair pricing that allows you to rely on their assistance while building your business.

They’ll only focus on the short-term, not the long-haul results

When you have a quality IT partnership, you typically have two layers of the relationship. First, your partner will set you up with their tools and platform and help you with short-term problems. Then, you’ll have a long-term relationship that centers around the support they offer as you grow.

A good partner will offer more than a platform. They want more than to sell you a solution and will provide guidance, insight and information to support your business long-term.

They’ll only reach out when there is an issue or a bill due

You also do not want to deal with a company that will only reach out to you if there is a problem or if your bill is due soon. A partnership means you can turn to them if you have a question or concern. They’ll reach out to you to help you maximize your tech investment.

A quality partner will help you find chances to build your business and your technological capabilities. This includes offering learning opportunities. They should also provide a range of support and contact options so that you can reach them around the clock if you encounter a problem.

Have an IT Consulting Partner You Can Count On

Having a partner that gives you a seat at the table makes all the difference when it comes to running an effective IT team. The right professional will work alongside your internal team, supporting them instead of making them feel pushed out. This IT consulting team will:

  • Help keep your internal team from getting overworked
  • Provide you with round-the-clock support
  • Guide you as your business grows

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