Data Center Upgrades, Migration, Relocations

Data Center Upgrades

Upgrading your data center is not like installing the latest operating system on your smartphone. When you’re dealing with enterprise-level tech there are tons of compatibility, dependence and integration issues that must be taken into consideration for your upgrade to be a success. Like anything IT related, upgrade and migration operations are best conducted by someone with extensive experience. For Protocol Networks’ expert consultants, implementing upgrades and migrations is as routine as brewing a pot of coffee.

Data Center Migrations and Relocations

Moving a data center isn’t like moving the contents of your desk. You can’t box everything up and carry it over to your new location. For starters, many critical network assets can’t be moved, such as cables and wires. As a result, relocating an office or data center can feel more like building a whole new facility. Plus, plans need to be made well in advance of a move – like how much power you’ll need in the room hosting your data center. Questions about your plans one or two years out need to be answered too, that way actions you take during the move don’t impede future growth.

How to find an experienced partner for your IT relocation

With so many details to take into consideration, IT relocation can be overwhelming. It’s important to have someone with experience on your side who can help develop a relocation plan and make sense of both the network and physical infrastructure concerns that need to be addressed in order to guarantee a successful move.

Protocol Networks’ expert consultants have moved dozens of offices and data centers over the years. We are intimately familiar with the various pitfalls and hidden dependencies associated with moving assets ranging from main distribution frames to office furniture and everything in between. Our seasoned experts will walk you through each step of the process while coordinating with other members of the Protocol Networks team to keep you organized and ensure that you have the resources required to meet your deadlines.

Ready to start planning your move?

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