Consulting Services

As consultants, we aren’t focused on selling you products. We work with businesses throughout New England to create a plan and enable transitions. Through IT consulting services and strategic projects, we help you deliver the vision you have for your business. See how our consultative approach can make a difference for you.

Network Design, Delivery and Support

Network Design, Delivery and SupportWhen your network is unreliable, so is your business. To keep everything fully operational, we offer end-to-end network support. Our experienced team fully supports your network starting with a whiteboarding session to design a solution tailored to your needs. Then everything will be purchased and installed on your behalf. After delivery, we maintain and support the technology through its lifecycle. At every stage, we’re in contact with you offering actionable, strategic advice.

System and Virtualization

System and VirtualizationA network without a system won’t work. It has to connect somewhere, and our team of systems and network engineers collaborate closely to keep everything running smoothly. After your initial consultation, your systems engineer will determine the scope of the project and allocate hours to a network engineer. With this broad knowledge base about your systems and networks, our team is uniquely positioned to securely connect you to virtual machines and create a customized backup and disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business ContinuityIt’s impossible to predict what will come next, but you can still take steps to prepare your business for a variety of scenarios. When you have a plan in place and have clearly communicated who is responsible for what, you can smoothly navigate everything from natural disasters to power outages. We’ll help you develop your plan and create a robust backup solution to prevent data loss too.

Data Center Upgrades, Migrations, Relocations

Data Center Upgrades, Migrations, RelocationsData center upgrades, migrations and relocations are complex projects. How you proceed depends on your current operations and your plans for the next several years. You can’t take an out-of-the-box solution and apply it to your business. A strategic, consultative approach will yield better results and ensure your upgrade, migration or relocation goes right the first time.

Help Desk

Help DeskWhatever IT issue your team encounters, you want a quick resolution. So, we structured our help desk to rapidly, comprehensively resolve problems. A tier-one support technician will first work through an established set of solutions. If those don’t work, they bring in a senior engineer. There is no middleman which cuts down on the amount of downtime clients experience. Most problems are solved remotely, but we’re available for on-site support as well.