Network Design, Delivery and Support (DDS)

Network Design and Services

When your Network Delivers, Your Business Thrives

No one worries about their network until it doesn’t work. With our Network Design, Delivery and Support (DDS), you access an experienced team dedicated to fully servicing your network. This commitment has been a part of our company since day one – and it’s why “Network” is in our name.

An End-to-End Solution, From Network Design to Network Support

From design and delivery to recycling technology, we support every stage of your network’s lifecycle. It starts with a discussion about what you see as the main problems. Then we’ll conduct a whiteboarding session to document the solution. When you come on board, our team crafts the initial deployment, purchasing and installing everything on your behalf.

We’ll work through changes your organization experiences and remove the technology at the end of it’s lifecycle. At every stage, you can contact us for guidance and long-term strategic advice. The process identifies solutions and answers questions you haven’t considered yet. We’re with you at every step.

Unique IT Networking Solutions

We frequently work with businesses experiencing changes. Growth, mergers and downsizing all create unique IT networking challenges. After discussing a client’s needs, we design solutions that fit their circumstances. The process often requires out-of-the-box thinking and we apply past experiences to new clients to deliver optimal network solutions.

Leverage existing technology

We aren’t trying to sell products first, then add services. Our priority is your business and we aren’t looking to start from scratch when designing and delivering your IT network. Whenever possible, we work with clients to leverage technology they already have.

How We Support You With Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (CCIEs)

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert certification is a rigorous test developed and administered by Cisco. It’s the PhD of networking. Candidates first take a qualifying exam. If they pass, they move on to a hands-on test where they demonstrate to a proctor their knowledge of the solution. The process is rigorous and those who pass have proven their skills at the highest level.

There is no other exam available that tests skills so thoroughly. Members of our staff hold multiple CCIE certifications and apply the knowledge gained preparing for and maintaining their certification to our clients’ networks.

Our “white collar” workers are “blue collar”

Anyone leading a whiteboarding session at Protocol Networks has recent, hands-on experience with the solutions they’re detailing. Whoever you work with will have direct knowledge of what we recommend and ensure best practices are deployed and followed.

Take Charge of Your Network Infrastructure

Is your current network infrastructure failing to meet your company’s needs? Not keeping up with threats such as malware or ransomware? Or maybe an audit uncovered some areas that need a bit of work so you’re compliant? It’s time for a new approach to your network design so your business can stay productive and secure.

IT Network Design a Network That Meets Your Needs

Have you come to the realization that your current network design isn’t truly meeting the needs of your organization? Setting and forgetting about your network doesn’t really work. As technology changes and new security threats arise, it’s important to have a network infrastructure that keeps up with those demands as well as the demands of your customers.

By working with Protocol Networks on your IT infrastructure design and network services, you can take full advantage of solutions that meet the changing needs of your unique business. We look at what your current approach entails and come up with solutions and products that fit your needs, wants, and gaps – without trying to force you into a box. Protocol Networks is there with you every step of the way – we want to be sure you’re using the best solutions to their fullest potential.

Network Security and Your Network Design

When it comes to designing your enterprise network, network security can’t be understated. From endpoint(s) to wireless security, you require in-place solutions that can meet your unique security needs, as well as your wants and budget. Even if you don’t currently have a security policy in place, Protocol Networks can assist you in designing one and developing a strategy that gives you a stronger security posture.

Keep Your Network Moving Forward

With Protocol Networks, you will be able to improve your network infrastructure by:

Taking Advantage of Our Expertise and Experience

We have the experience, expertise, and certifications that your organization deserves and requires to develop a network infrastructure that truly meets your needs.

Working with a Responsive Team

If you have a question or concern about your network design or infrastructure, we’re there for you right away to assist, even after the solution has been put into place.

Partnering with an IT Provider That is Invested in Your Business

We treat every one of our clients as we would like to be treated, and we consider your successes, our successes.

Team up with Expert Network Design Engineers

We understand what you’re up against when it comes to network design and your business. Whether you’re coming to us about audit concerns or you think you’ve been breached by ransomware, we have the experience your organization needs to meet any network problems and design requirements head-on. Our experts have the certifications, but we also have the real world expertise required for superior enterprise network design, and we’re happy to have gained the trust and confidence of each of our clients.

We can be Your Long-term Partners for Your Network

When companies partner with us, we don’t try to upsell them or sell them products and solutions they simply don’t need. We treat every one of our clients the way we’d like to be treated. We want to establish long-term relationships and earn the trust of each and every customer. That way, we can best serve you when it comes to network design and services while also being able to show you exactly how your network has improved since we stepped into the picture. Your success is our success, and no matter what your goals or requirements are for your network infrastructure, we want to help you reach them.

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