Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

It’s almost impossible to try to fix a price tag on corporate data. What would you do if your data center failed and you lost everything? It might sound unthinkable, but disaster is always a possibility. For your company’s data to be truly safe, establish business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

Tailored Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Some businesses come to us because they want to determine how they’ll respond if their environment becomes unavailable. During an analysis, we may discover serious issues in the network that require on-going support and maintenance to resolve. Other clients want to know why connectivity between sites was lost, and how to prevent the issue from reoccurring. After documenting and fixing the problem, the only support we provide is periodic failover testing.

The concerns and relationships are different, but the care we take to design and implement a solution is the same. First, we listen. A lot. We’ll ask questions about problems you’re facing to determine the root cause of the issue. It could be process oriented, personnel related, your hardware or software.

A comprehensive understanding of your IT needs

Often, this entails meeting with individual stakeholders in your organization instead of a single point of contact to fully understand how you operate and what your solution needs to include. We do this because after meeting with different members of your team, like department heads, we’re able to craft a more robust plan. We’ll understand the needs of your entire organization, based on your day-in, day-out operations. We distill the conversations we have into documents we use when meeting with your leadership team.

Documentation and failover testing

Once a plan is in place, we continue to offer customized support. Together, we’ll document your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We’ll conduct failover testing, working around your schedule or regulatory requirements, like we do for medical clients. Hospitals can’t have a full failover test, so we failover individual items to confirm the solution works.

We Don’t Take a Blanket Approach to Compliance

The bodega down the street using a Square to process credit card payments will have different compliance requirements than a corporation sending e-currency back and forth. In other words, the rules are different for different businesses. We navigate nuances specific to your business to determine all regulatory requirements you need to abide by. Any solution we provide accounts for these individual requirements.

Deep experience with HIPAA and PCI compliance

Our previous work has built a base of knowledge about how to design compliant solutions, and test disaster recovery in industries, like healthcare, where you can’t do a complete failover test but need to have full confidence in the solution. Contact us to hear more about the sectors we’ve worked with in the past.