5 Ways Managed IT Support Fuels Growth for Life Science Companies

5 Ways Managed IT Support Fuels Growth for Life Science Companies
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The life sciences industry is ever-evolving, full of brilliant scientists and dynamic innovations. Biotech and pharma companies, especially in their infancy, tend to prioritize scientific endeavors over IT infrastructure support. While such an approach might make sense initially, overlooking the role of IT can eventually stifle a company’s growth potential. Enter managed IT support services, a solution that not only addresses this challenge but actively propels business growth. Here are five ways managed services are supporting expansion for life science companies:

1. Robust IT Infrastructure Support Services

Understanding the Challenge: Life science startups often view IT as an expensive necessity, especially when the focus is on scientific breakthroughs and not yet on profitability. However, as these companies expand, the lack of a robust IT foundation becomes a cumbersome and costly hurdle.

The Managed Services Solution: Instead of revisiting and rebuilding IT infrastructure from scratch when your company grows larger (imagine the hassle at 500 employees versus 25!), managed IT support steps in early. They ensure that your company’s infrastructure is scalable and efficient, providing necessary support, rebuilding when required and ensuring the IT foundation is robust enough to handle future growth.

2. 24/7 Help Desk Availability

Understanding the Challenge: As your company grows, IT challenges become frequent and diverse. Having a constant helpline becomes essential. But staffing a full-time help desk is not just expensive; it’s complex. Considerations like vacations, working hours and employees’ personal commitments can result in downtime.

The Managed Services Solution: A managed services provider like Protocol Networks offers a 24/7 help desk. We not only bring technical ability, but also the knack for interacting with users and having backups for continuity. Such an arrangement eliminates the need for life science companies to hire and manage multiple IT support personnel. We know life science companies typically run lean and mean, so outsourcing Level 1 help desk services are much more cost-effective than hiring full-time internal IT staff.

You don’t have time to do it all alone, and you don’t have to. Reach out to Protocol Networks to see how we can support your growth.

3. Optimized Cloud Services

Understanding the Challenge: The modern IT environment is a hybrid one, blending on-premises solutions with cloud services. However, determining what should be on the cloud versus on-prem can be complex.

The Managed Services Solution: Managed service providers are adept at evaluating a company’s specific needs, determining optimal cloud placements and identifying any infrastructure issues. This ensures a streamlined, efficient and secure cloud environment tailored to your company’s unique requirements.

4. Expert Staffing Support

Understanding the Challenge: Looking to expand your life science company with the right talent? We know that finding the right person for the job isn’t always easy. It’s not just about checking the boxes on a resume; you want to make sure that the new member will fit in well with your existing team, too. And when it comes to technical roles, things get even trickier. After all, it’s tough to judge a candidate’s tech skills if you’re not a tech expert yourself.

The Managed Services Solution: That’s where we step in! At Protocol Networks, we specialize in helping companies like yours find the perfect fit for tech-heavy positions. We’re like your behind-the-scenes matchmaker, cross-verifying the tech skills of potential hires to make sure they are up to the mark.

We offer two types of staffing solutions to suit your needs:

  • Onsite IT Help Desk Support: Need someone to join your team and hit the ground running handling IT matters? We’ve got you covered!
  • Staff Augmentation: Have a special project or contract in mind? We can help you find the right people to get the job done, whether it’s for a short-term project or a longer engagement.

Take the stress out of hiring. Let’s work together to build a team that drives your life science company forward.

5. Seamless IT Relocation Services

Understanding the Challenge: Many startups begin in a distributed work-from-home model with labs in distinct locations. But as they grow and decide to consolidate, the task of merging disparate IT environments can be daunting.

The Managed Services Solution: Given our comprehensive involvement in a company’s IT journey – from infrastructure to help desk – Protocol Networks is the perfect partner for relocation. We understand your environment, ensure minimal downtime, and offer the trust and expertise required for such critical transitions.

Need to relocate and want someone to handle your tech? Let us know.

Life Science Companies Achieve Measurable Success with Protocol Networks

Protocol Networks equipped a Massachusetts-based life science firm with a scalable IT infrastructure. This setup facilitated a smooth shift from their previous managed IT support provider and empowered their internal team to effortlessly oversee the system in the future. Learn more.

For a separate client, Protocol Networks crafted and set up a network for a mid-sized life science firm also based in Massachusetts. This design followed industry-leading standards, utilized equipment from top-tier manufacturers and ensured a cost-effective, adaptable and expandable solution. Discover more.

Let Protocol Networks Support Your Business Growth

While life science companies make monumental strides in the realm of science, it’s imperative not to neglect the engine that propels these strides: IT. By partnering with a managed service provider like Protocol Networks, life science companies can not only ensure that their IT infrastructure is robust and scalable, but also free up resources and focus on what they do best – innovate in science.

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