The (Not-So) Secret Key to Life Science Expansion: IT Infrastructure Support

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In the fast-paced fields of life science and biotech, innovation can’t be stifled by the limitations of lean teams and tight budgets. Protocol Networks understands the unique challenges you face, especially during the early growth stages when IT might not seem like a priority. But as your products advance towards market release, the absence of robust IT support can lead to critical failures at the worst possible moments.

Why Scientists Should Focus on Science and We Focus on IT

One mistake we frequently see life science companies make is trying to manage their own IT infrastructures while doing their main jobs. Who has time for that?! Yeah, we didn’t think so. Scientists’ time is best spent on research and product development, not on IT. Thankfully, that’s where Protocol Networks comes in.

We don’t just offer IT solutions; we integrate into your team, providing the agility of a lean operation without the associated risks. Our expertise is not just managing, but transforming your IT environment to keep pace with your company’s ebb and flow. We provide a comprehensive suite of managed IT support services uniquely tailored to the life science industry’s needs:

Systems Management: We take over cloud and SaaS application management, allowing you to focus on organizational and product development priorities.

Help Desk Services: Our team delivers tier 1 IT work, handling those essential but time-consuming tasks like password resets, freeing you to concentrate on your core business.

Onboarding & Offboarding: Our efficient processes ensure new hires and departing team members are integrated or released smoothly, keeping your operations seamless.

Scalable IT Infrastructure Management: Whether you’re scaling up due to a successful trial or adjusting to market demands, we manage your infrastructure and software, tailoring solutions to your specific stage:

  • Research/Development
  • Trial
  • Commercialization/Market
IT infrastructure management, IT infrastructure management services, IT infrastructure support, IT infrastructure solutions

More Than Just IT Guys – An Extension of Your Team

With Protocol Networks, you gain a partner who is proactive, not just reactive. We understand the intricacies of life sciences, from regulatory compliance to the operational complexities of commercializing breakthrough products. Our IT support services include:

Education & Training: We ensure your team is ready to manage your IT infrastructure with tailored training and knowledge transfer.

Custom Solutions: Our services are custom, ensuring you pay only for what you need, from daily operations support to gearing up for a major scale-up.

Real-Time IT Support: We offer real-time assistance to tackle immediate issues, allowing you to remain focused on your specialty tasks.

The Protocol Networks Advantage

By choosing Protocol Networks, you gain more than IT support. You leverage our deep industry knowledge to flatten IT costs, get recommendations on the best solutions, and receive guidance on critical questions. Our training is designed to keep your operations afloat through rapid expansions or contractions, with a deep understanding of each stage’s unique requirements.

Join the Ranks of Life Sciences Success Stories

We are committed to your growth and success, all facilitated by our dedicated IT support and IT infrastructure management services. Our clients have achieved remarkable results, from 10x growth to successful drug launches and flexible scaling. We take pride in stories like that of a midsize life science company from Massachusetts:

“I have relied on Protocol Networks to design and implement networking, computing, and storage solutions since 2018. Their team demonstrated a deep understanding of my requirements, provided right fit solutions within my budget, and exceeded my expectations. Their professionalism, timely communication, and attention to detail truly set them apart. Working with a team that consistently delivers exceptional results is a pleasure.”

– Sr. Director of Information Technology
Mid-size Life Science Company

Protocol Networks: Your Partner in Innovation

Our IT infrastructure management and support solutions are engineered with precision to handle the high-stakes environment of life sciences. Protocol Networks provides a bedrock of stability for your data-intensive tasks, whether it’s processing large-scale genomic data or safeguarding sensitive clinical information. With our support, you can focus on innovation and discovery, assured that your IT foundation is unshakable. Let Protocol Networks be your IT foundation, supporting you through every growth spurt and market shift. We are not just a service provider; we are a crucial part of your team, ready to help support your largest missions.

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