IoT Support

IoT Technology Support for Growing Businesses

When your IoT startup begins to grow, do you have a team that can handle the number of support requests and inquiries coming in? Most don’t, but they’ll take team members from other parts of the company to fill in the gaps. This can be a very expensive solution and one that wastes quite a bit of your top talent’s time.

Instead, our Tier 1 analysts can help you with smart device support and similar help desk needs. We assist your clients with standout customer support, all while allowing you and your team to get back to the work you truly specialize in.

Are You Wasting Resources on Smart Device Support?


You have a team that understands your IoT device and, as a result, many businesses ask these senior developers to answer customer questions, calls, and emails. While this can work out early on, it is not sustainable as your business grows.

One major issue with putting your senior members on customer support is that you’re taking your top talent away from the areas they excel in. This results in wasted time as well as money – their skills could be put to better use in working to further develop your products and grow your company.

Your engineers may also not be comfortable with customer-facing support. This could result in overworked, poorly engaged employees and a less-than-ideal customer experience for your clients. Your business could see both employees and customers head for competitors.

Protocol Networks Has 5+ Years in IoT Technology Support

We understand the challenges your organization faces with growth and offering top-tier IoT device support to your customers. With over 5 years of experience in this area, we’ve worked on smart device support since it was in its infancy, on a national scale. Now it’s everywhere, and we bring the knowledge and tool sets needed to ensure your product and work are successful.

As your company grows, you will have more customers calling in. Will your small team be able to handle that? Whether you specialize in RFID tags, sensors, or another IoT device, our Tier 1 support team has the expertise to handle large call volumes, even as you grow and become a national company.

Working With Us: A Hands-On Approach to IoT Applications

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We handle our IoT technology support process a little differently than we do other areas of our work. Our team will start with a deep dive into what exactly is going on with your IoT device. That means understanding your product fully and how it operates, and also taking that valuable tribal knowledge from your leaders and putting it to work. Protocol Networks can help you document that knowledge for the first time and make it a core aspect of your customer and smart device support.

Our Tier 1 support team will become familiar with your product in person too. We’ll see how it works, how the customer will use it, how it breaks, and how it’s deployed. These are kept in our lab, so when a customer calls up and we need to replicate or explore a problem, the tool is there for us. If you have multiple versions of a device, we’ll work to understand each and every one.

Thanks to our approach, we can walk your customers through solutions to their questions and problems, and with confidence. When they update their firmware and experience a problem, we’ve already done it. When they see a blinking light they don’t understand, we know what that means. So, if they run into issues, we know the solutions.

IoT Platform Solutions Benefit You and the Customer

Protocol Networks brings plenty of benefits to the table with our IoT platform support solutions, and both your company and your customers will see the rewards.

By working with us, you will be able to:

  • Put your senior members back to work where they excel, which:
    • Reduces burnout
    • Reduces the required overtime needed to get work and customer support done
    • Increases employee engagement
  • Access our help desk toolkit that includes:
    • Scaling your phone system
    • Staff expertise in subject matter
  • Take advantage of the data we collect that can help you:
    • Identify problems with your services and products
    • Know how happy your client base is
  • Have access to a team that understands the importance of standout customer service
    • We have the experience needed to offer stellar IoT support
    • You’ll get more value out of customer interactions

The biggest benefit of working with us is that it will allow you and your team to focus more than ever on growth, product development, and other areas of the business that need your attention. Our team is equipped to take on your smart device support needs and help you get back to the work that matters the most.