Help Desk

When your IT department spends the majority of their work day resetting passwords, fixing internet connectivity or fielding questions from other team members they have no bandwidth to implement your new ERP system or make strategic, long-term plans. If you don’t have an IT department, these questions need to be answered by you, or someone else whose main job is not IT. Either way, productivity suffers and key initiatives are tabled as you figure out why the printer isn’t working, again.

Remote Help Desk with On-Site Options

Offset your IT burdens with our experienced team and documented procedures. Most problems can be solved remotely, and often by the member of our support staff who answers the phone. As a result, you and your IT team are free to focus on what drives the business forward.

As needed, we provide on-site support for direct clients as well.

Processes Ensure Issues Quickly, Effectively Resolved

Calls to our support desk are first answered by a member of our level 1 support team. They’ll work through a set of solutions they’re well versed in. If the problem remains unresolved, it is escalated to a senior engineer. There is no “teacher assistant” in the middle – your problem heads directly to the professor. This eliminates an extra step and reduces the amount of downtime your business experiences.

Support for Your Staff and Clients

For clients with proprietary software and products, we serve as an extension of their help desk, too. If one of their end users experiences issues, we’ll field the call and work through remediations. We’ll work with you to determine which issues we’ll work on with your clients and at which point we need to bring in your IT team.

Like our traditional help desk support, this removes time consuming distractions from your IT department’s workload. You leverage our existing support infrastructure while continuing to provide the highest level of support to your clients.

We Don’t Outsource Help Desk Support

Every call is answered by US-based personnel. None of our support is outsourced overseas and you can reach our emergency line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.