Cloud Solutions That Fit YOUR Business

You don’t need cloud solutions that fit any business – you need the tools and resources that fit your company’s IT wants, needs, and gaps.

What Problems Are You Facing With Cloud Solutions?

Our experts are here to handle your cloud needs and roadblocks. What problems are you facing at the moment when it comes to cloud solutions? Are you …

  • Locked into long-term agreements that are breaking your budget?
  • Discovering that the solutions you originally chose aren’t actually a good fit for your workflows?
  • Finding that your solution, although it’s top in the industry, requires too much maintenance and manpower and your IT team can’t keep up?
  • Experiencing compounding problems due to mistakes during the initial deployment?
  • Discovering that solutions require more intensive care than you realized?

 You’re not alone. As a cloud solution provider, these are just some of the common problems we see when customers come to us for their cloud needs – and they’re among the ones we can help you solve.

Working with us ensures your cloud solutions are done correctly from the beginning. This means ensuring the cloud package chosen actually fits your company, you experience a proper and mistake-free deployment, and that you have access to help desk and operation centers to solve problems as they arise.

What Cloud Solutions and Components Do We Offer?


Our cloud solutions come with the components your IT department needs to focus on productivity more than ever. To name a few, we offer endpoint protection for your individual desktops as they’re deployed, monitoring solutions that look at your servers and network, and backup services that fit the needs of your company without breaking the bank.

And we understand – your company’s needs are unique. They’re going to be different from the other companies we work with. That’s why we offer customized, best-of-breed solutions that fit your business.

We uncovered the cloud solutions that we, if we were getting started, would use ourselves. We’ve seen them work in the wild, we know how well they work, and we have the experience to help you make the most of them too.

Cloud Packages To Fit Your Needs

We design and offer 2 different packages, depending on your particular IT and cloud needs, including your company’s size, prior tools, and other factors. These packages are called:

  • Lite Bundle
  • Full Bundle
  • You can choose options within these packages depending on your needs

Included with either package selected you will also receive a Security bundle. It focuses on single sign-on, endpoint security, virus protection and more.

Protocol Networks helps you take advantage of the best of enterprise-class systems at a fraction of the cost.

A Focus on Cloud Services That Make Your IT Employees Successful

Cloud services aren’t just about backing up and securing your business and data. They’re also about ensuring your IT team has the time and resources to handle your day-to-day operations. By working with a cloud solution provider like Protocol Networks, you get time back to focus on what matters in your business and IT.


Some of the benefits of partnering with us:

  • No more digging through products to find the best one for your needs
  • Each of your solutions will be deployed properly
  • Access to our support team
  • No more juggling of long-term contracts
  • You have more time to focus on running your business, increasing uptime
  • You don’t have to take time out to maintain your software
  • Leverage our expertise to get exactly what you need
  • You’ll have the tools you need to succeed, without the bloat
  • We only bring the solutions you can benefit from to the table, saving you money
  • You won’t be restricted to a single vendor
  • We went out and found the best tools, bringing them together in our various packages
  • Fewer distractions from your company’s core business

We Prioritize Communication

No matter the IT solution, communication matters. And that’s where we start. We begin with an initial conversation that goes over the tools you’re currently using, your company’s concerns, gaps in your cloud strategy, and your needs. During this stage, we listen.

After that first talk, we’ll work with you to determine the right combination of tools and solutions and how to make them work with your current infrastructure and resources. We’re not here to gut everything you have or force our solutions, but rather to make them all work together seamlessly. We want you to have the resources you need to be happy and find success in your industry. Protocol Networks will go over the different packages with you and help you determine the best fit for your work.

Our entire team will then deploy those new and existing solutions to their fullest potential. You’ll chat with our senior architects, strategy experts, leaders, and more, to ensure things are kicked off right for your solutions’ deployment.

We’re dedicated to making this process a simple, stress-free experience. That’s why our team makes it easy to choose the package that best fits within your budget, wants, and needs. We also know the importance of long-term relationships, and we want to ensure you’re happy with the solutions we deploy for your company. Our goal is to see you succeed in business.

And communication will stay central as we work together throughout the entire relationship. We absolutely believe it’s central to success, and we understand your needs may change. As your business grows, your cloud solutions need to keep up and be seamlessly integrated into your operations. Our team wants to ensure we’re a helpful partner during growth, not a hindrance.

What Should You Look For in a Cloud Solution Provider?

Just like any partnership or relationship, you first want someone you can work well with. There will be bad days in IT, so you need someone with open communication channels, that doesn’t simply push their own solutions on you, and you can rely on to get you through the storm. The right cloud solution provider can ensure you come out on top with a positive experience and outcome.

IT departments and their companies should also look for cloud solution providers that always put security first. Security should never come after the fact – it should be present from day one. And, of course, you need a managed services company that offers the services you need, but it should go beyond that. Your cloud solutions provider should be able to help you as your business grows and changes.

Protocol Networks is here to assist you through any challenges that arise.