Managed Services

Technology is deeply integrated into your business operations. Your IT infrastructure must be available 24/7 and utilize the technology best suited for you. With Managed IT Services from Protocol Networks, our team caters to you, providing services to keep your technology and business operating efficiently and effectively. Use our eyes to look at your network and maintain it.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

We’ll monitor your network and execute routine maintenance and patching to keep it healthy. That way, you stay focused on core business operations. We’ll further alleviate your technology burden by operating as the help line for your customers. We’ll troubleshoot their issues for you, triaging or escalating as needed. Our managed services support infrastructure, assets or individuals. Whether one of your staff members needs help resetting a password, or one of your clients does, we can be here to help.

Security inside out, not outside in

Networks we build bake security into the solution from the from the beginning. Our clients are secure from the start, and consistently follow the latest best practices. We’ll help with documentation, such as processes and procedures, to further protect your environment.

Vendor Management Lets You Off-Load Time Consuming Tasks

Even when we don’t have a direct relationship with one of your partners, we’ll coordinate with the provider on your behalf. For instance, if you need to update a line-of-business application, we’ll work with the vendor and ensure it is compatible with your operating system. We also provide end-to-end problem resolution and escalate issues for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.

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A Reliable Team Who Understand Your Business

At Protocol Networks, we structure client relationships differently than most service providers. The main person you meet with as you explore our services and solutions will continue to assist you when you become our client.

We do this because it builds a deep understanding on both sides of your challenges, goals and business plan. All clients also have access to our executive team and get to know them through direct conversations.

Strategic advisors

Since we built the network, we’re uniquely positioned to offer guidance. We’re deeply familiar with the infrastructure, as opposed to someone off the street who needs to work through several rounds of questions to reach our level of understanding. Use semi-annual strategic conversations to determine the direction your company wants to take or sign up for additional whiteboarding sessions to see how to best use technology to achieve your goals.

Support From Experts, Not Mavericks

Broken IT caues downtime and frustration. To quickly resolve client issues senior staff members make up the majority of our support team. There are no mavericks – everyone follows the same processes for resolving and/or escalating issues. If you experience a problem with technology, our team will have you swiftly back at work.