Managed Services

These days, good IT is tantamount to good business. As such, it is absolutely imperative that your company’s IT infrastructure is available 24/7. This includes physical hardware, operating systems, virtual machines and hypervisors. However, monitoring these functions at all times can be a big job even for large enterprises. Fortunately, Protocol Networks can provide intuitive, world-class monitoring services for companies of any size.

Protocol Networks offers comprehensive infrastructure monitoring and managed services, known as IMMS, which provides an extension to your team that enables you to meet today’s data center challenges.

Our IMMS offering provides comprehensive Managed Services for managing all elements of your IT infrastructures; this includes the physical hardware, OS, virtual machines and hypervisors. IMMS service allows you to offload time consuming tasks to a team of experts trained to optimize data center performance. We monitor your data center 24x7x365 to identify issues that may affect performance and provides a single point of contact for all incidents and service requests. We will proactively notify your team of any issues that arise and, if required, intervene on your behalf. The Protocol Networks IMMS service is designed to help clients tackle their most complex data center challenges and improve the performance of their existing infrastructure.

We provide four levels of service in our IMMS offering – Alert, Triage, Support, and Resolve. At the most basic level, we will alert you if your network infrastructure becomes unavailable for whatever reason. At the next level, we will not only tell you when your network goes offline, but we will analyze the situation, so we can tell you why it occurred. The most advanced level of monitoring features full-service automation, so if your IT infrastructure becomes compromised, we will not only determine the root cause of the disruption, we will proactively fix it, so it doesn’t happen again.

By outsourcing monitoring and network maintenance, your IT staff can focus on innovation, not incident diagnostics and remediation. Moreover, by letting Protocol Networks monitor your infrastructure, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality, full-time coverage at a price that even the smallest businesses can afford.

For more information on our Infrastructure Monitoring and Managed Services, download our IMMS brochure by clicking here: PDF