Midsize Life Science Company from Massachusetts

The problem/situation the client was experiencing

The client, a rapidly growing midsize life science company based in Massachusetts, had historically relied on a 3rd party managed services provider to manage the day-to-day administration of the infrastructure. As the organization grew, it became apparent that the 3rd party service provider was unable to keep pace with the growth of the organization, both from an employee perspective and the need to evolve the IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the 3rd party provider did not share any documentation of the infrastructure with the customer. The client engaged Protocol Networks to begin by reviewing the current processes and procedures implemented by the 3rd party service provider and identify where Protocol Networks could provide improved service, as well as how to make some changes to the infrastructure that would allow the organization to depend on them for modular growth to keep up with the expansion of the company.

What Protocol Networks did to solve the problem

Protocol Networks worked to outline the differences in managed services support that could be attained and presented a customized solution with multiple components that the life science company decided would be advantageous to its user base. Protocol Networks provides monitoring and management of the critical elements as well as patch management.

Working with the customer, Protocol Networks developed a program to provide both on-site, as well as remote Level 1 and Level 2 help desk support, so that users have a single point of contact for all issues, with an automatic escalation path within the help desk, rather than having the client IT department be required to react to all escalations from Level 1 support, as had been the case with the previous 3rd party provider. Additionally, response time to new requests has been reduced from 24–48 hours to less than 30 minutes.

The life science company also was in need of Level 3 engineering support to manage their complex environment. Protocol Networks developed a unique engineering program that allowed the client to pre-purchase that engineering support in bulk hours at a reduced rate, rather than looking for assistance on an ad hoc basis, resulting in an immediate savings of over $60,000/yr. Upon review of the archaic and poorly performing infrastructure, the client requested that Protocol Networks assist with designing a new architecture that will allow for a more robust network that will resolve network latency and have the ability to expand as the customer follows a growth path that will be adding [3] new areas of occupancy and 2x employees in the next 12 months.

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The result/outcome

The client reported increased satisfaction from the user community within two weeks of leaving the former 3rd party managed services provider. The new infrastructure was built during the pandemic, when the wait time for new equipment from some manufacturers was as long as six months to a year.

Protocol Networks was able to design and implement the network according to industry best practices, leveraging equipment from multiple best-in-breed manufacturers that was cost effective and has the modular scalability to expand with the customer’s projected growth. Protocol Networks continues to provide the customer with documentation of each project, as well as all elevated drawings of the infrastructure.

The client now has a partner in Protocol Networks that continues to respond with urgency and keep the customer involved in every stage of projects and issues, so that information can flow to management with accuracy and in a format that the business can understand.

What Makes Protocol Networks unique?

Protocol Networks has quite a bit of experience in the life science space, having worked with organizations in varying stages of product development. This experience gives us a unique insight into how the technology strategy has a profound impact on the success of the business as it moves through the stages. Our engineers can design and deploy architectures that satisfy regulatory requirements and can easily scale as the business grows. As a vendor agnostic consulting firm, we also make sure to recommend and deploy technologies that best fit the business and existing staff. Taking into consideration ease of management for the internal staff and the long-term goals for the business are two key components that go into all our engagements.

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