Small Life Science Company from Massachusetts

The problem/situation the client was experiencing

The client, a small life science company, had historically relied on a 3rd party managed services provider to manage the day-to-day administration of the IT infrastructure. The organization made the decision to bring all technology management in-house and hired a full-time director of IT to drive the IT strategy moving forward.

In order to bring IT in-house, the client engaged Protocol Networks to review the current infrastructure, design and deploy a new architecture, and provide ad hoc support to augment the new internal staff. The ultimate goal of the long-term engagement was to provide the client with a scalable IT infrastructure that would allow for a seamless transition away from their managed services provider and allow the internal staff to easily manage the environment moving forward.

What Protocol Networks did to solve the problem

Protocol Networks began the engagement by performing a review of the client’s IT infrastructure and providing them with up-to-date documentation on all the assets owned by the company. Since the new head of IT was provided limited documentation by the original MSP, this review provided them with a clear snapshot of everything they currently have.

This also provided a baseline that drove the ultimate recommendations regarding the new architecture. Since the existing infrastructure was built out when the organization was established, the solutions in place didn’t allow for flexible scaling and easy management. After the review was performed, the Protocol Networks engineers architected a Cisco-based network infrastructure, redesigned/reconfigured the VMware environment, and optimized the existing VEEAM deployment.

Over the course of the next 12 months, Protocol Networks began the process of migrating to the new architecture and providing up-to-date network diagrams and documentation. The migration was made slightly more complicated due to the limited availability of equipment and long lead times for delivery. As such, Protocol Networks had to provide supportive services to aid in the administration of the environment until the new architecture was deployed in its entirety.

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The result/outcome

The overall engagement, which took close to 12 months to complete, resulted in a reliable and scalable IT infrastructure that the internal IT group could easily manage moving forward. By implementing best-of-breed solutions according to industry best practices, the business is assured that it meets all regulatory requirements and is fully documented. The client now has an up-to-date network diagram and asset environment document that provide them with a clear understanding of everything they have. This makes daily management easier and allows for quicker resolution of any issues that may arise.

What Makes Protocol Networks unique?

For many years, Protocol Networks has worked with clients in the life science space at various stages of their product development. We’ve gained the insight and knowledge to understand how critical technology strategy influences the success of the organization as it transitions through the stages of development. Our engineers are able to design and deploy architectures that satisfy regulatory requirements and can easily scale as the business grows. As an unbiased technology consulting firm, we only recommend and deploy solutions that best fit the organization and its team. We never try to fit clients into a box. We pride ourselves on considering the ease of management for internal staff and long-term goals of the business when we recommend solutions for our clients.

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