IT Support for Life Science Companies

Beware of the Lean Team, Lean Budget Model

As a life science company, especially if you are in the early years, spending money on IT is likely not a high priority. You have a million other things to do that require the time and attention of your limited staff. Running “lean” can work for many companies in your space until that breakout moment happens when your products get approved and become available for public consumption. Exciting, right? Absolutely. An impending failure waiting to happen? Possibly.

What happened when life science companies don’t seek the IT Consulting resources they need to support their organizations as they expand and contract? They may fail in times when it is difficult to recover, like when their drug is launching, or the company is growing 5x in size.

Protocol Networks Acts as an Extension of Your Team

How can this situation be avoided? By working with consultants and people from outside the organization who know the technology products out there that will allow your life science company to manage your environment effectively while keeping a lean staff. Lean does not have to mean exposed.

Protocol Networks is an experienced IT partner that stays updated on cloud and SaaS solutions that work best for the life science industry and knows how to make them work with your environment. We take the day-to-day management off your plate so you can focus on developing your products. Here are the ways we can provide IT support to your company:


Reduce the management of applications

We manage all of your cloud and SaaS applications so that you can focus on responding to the needs of your organization and your staff while prioritizing product development.


Provide tier 1 IT work

We provide IT support and help desk services for life science companies with a small number of people in the organization or that have a very small IT team. This involves things like password changes, password resets, and all the low-level IT tasks that you don’t have time to be burdened with.


Onboarding & offboarding

When new team members are hired or leave the company, there are a lot of little tasks to do, another thing your staff has limited time to devote to. Our team can take on that role and have people onboarded and offboarded, following identical steps for every employee, in a reasonable amount of time so that your precious resources can be more focused on operational success.


Manage your infrastructure & software as you scale up or down

The nature of your industry is that if you are successful, you can quickly expand in ways that are difficult to plan. We rapidly get involved with you to help you prepare for those days when things go crazy. Our specialty is managing your infrastructure and software, bringing in the solutions necessary as you rapidly expand and, in some cases, contract.

We are familiar with the different requirements your organization has based on where you’re at in the drug/product approval stages, including:

  • Research/development stage
  • Trial stage
  • Commercialization/market stage

Through our consultants, partnerships, experience in the field, and knowledge of technology products, we have the resources to support you as you adapt and make sure you don’t fail.

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Education & training

We work diligently with you to provide an IT crash course on what you need to run your infrastructure when it’s time for us to back away. Our expertise and professionals are specialized in this space and will train your team on how to run things on your own.

When you get IT support from Protocol Networks, we build custom solutions so our clients only pay for what they need. Whether you just need help desk services to help you run your day-to-day operations or you need the support to prepare for a rapid expansion, we are here for you.

How Your Team Will Benefit From Our IT Support

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the life science space allows us to provide you with unmatched IT support that will adapt with your organization. Here are the benefits you will experience by partnering with us:

  • Flattening the overall cost of IT by offering a wide range of services
  • Recommendations on the best products and software for you
  • Prompting to ask the right questions that you wouldn’t know to ask to get better solutions
  • Training on how to stay afloat during rapid expansion
  • Education on how to run your infrastructure at different levels of expansion or contraction
  • Knowledge of the different requirements your organization has based on drug and product approval stages
  • Access to IT support in real time as things pop up so you can focus on your specialized tasks
  • Directly connect and integrate with our team on the day-to-day
  • We are cognizant of PII long before your company starts to work with it

Protocol Networks works with you as part of your overall organization and is there to take your team as it exists, and helps you expand to be available to support your products when they are eventually released.

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Our Clients’ Success

Here are some of the successes we’ve helped our clients achieve through our IT support and consulting:
  • Grow 10x in size
  • Successfully launch drugs that are available in the general market
  • Expand & contract in the natural day-to-day function of the business
  • Small company was able to create something larger and able to run on its own
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