The (Not-So) Secret Key to Life Science Expansion: IT Infrastructure Support

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In the fast-paced fields of life science and biotech, innovation can’t be stifled by the limitations of lean teams and tight budgets. Protocol Networks understands the unique challenges you face, especially during the early growth stages when IT might not seem like a priority. But as your products advance towards market release, the absence of … Read more

Why Businesses Need Strong IT Infrastructure Management for Growth

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 It’s no secret that technology evolves faster than most of us can keep up with, and businesses must adapt quickly to remain competitive and relevant. Central to this adaptation is a robust Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. With most business functions now depending on digital technology, the role of IT infrastructure has transitioned from being a … Read more

5 Ways Managed IT Support Fuels Growth for Life Science Companies

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5 Ways Managed IT Support Fuels Growth for Life Science Companies The life sciences industry is ever-evolving, full of brilliant scientists and dynamic innovations. Biotech and pharma companies, especially in their infancy, tend to prioritize scientific endeavors over IT infrastructure support. While such an approach might make sense initially, overlooking the role of IT can … Read more

The Role of Network Security in Protecting Life Science Companies

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In an era where technology and science are increasingly intertwined, securing digital information is as crucial as protecting physical assets. Nowhere is this more critical than in life science companies, where innovations often represent years of research and vast investment. These firms handle sensitive data that range from confidential patient records to groundbreaking genetic research, … Read more

How to Get Enterprise-Level Managed Services, No Matter Your Size

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There is no question that with today’s heavy reliance on technology, partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) is the way to go for small- and medium-sized New England businesses. Hiring and retaining quality IT staff is difficult and expensive, while deploying and maintaining the required software, hardware, networks, and databases is time-consuming and expensive. … Read more

Red Flags That Should Scare You Away from Poor IT Consulting Partners

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Finding a good IT consulting partner is like finding a diamond. You have to dig, but the discovery will enrich your business. You will feel amazed at how smoothly things can run when you have a partner you can trust. To find this type of partner, you want to know what red flags you should … Read more