How You Can Grow Your Life Sciences Company With the Cloud



Many leaders in the life sciences field have formal technology training and know the importance of utilizing cloud solutions. While on-site IT infrastructure may bring some advantages, the right combination of cloud services is the clear choice for growing companies in this constantly changing industry.

Life sciences organizations need to operate efficiently and must be able to scale quickly. A cloud expert from Protocol Networks can design a cloud solutions system that addresses your organization’s needs now and puts capabilities in place to support you in the future.

It’s Easier (and More Cost-Effective) To Scale With the Cloud

Life sciences organizations tend to scale up and down differently than most companies out there. During their life cycle, a life sciences company can range from a staff of a handful of employees to thousands of people.

These major changes mean that it’s often not cost-effective for life sciences companies to roll out their own infrastructure when very soon they may have to burst up or rip down.

The cloud makes it easy to scale because you can have all the capabilities you need – and nothing extra. You don’t need to overspend, and you also don’t need to spend extra time or money managing your entire infrastructure.

Cloud Solutions vs. On-Site Solutions

Traditional on-site tech solutions come with an increased need for IT services. These premise-based solutions are not as agile as companies in the life sciences industry need them to be. On-site infrastructure can’t rapidly respond to the direction the industry is going. On the other hand, cloud tech provides options to help you pivot relatively quickly and with less overhead.

Cloud Services Remove Restrictions

Many life sciences organizations experience the need to rapidly scale. They may start with 50 employees and suddenly need to add 50 more, or they may need to scale from a staff of 200 to over 1,000.

Tech capabilities that are provided by cloud services are not constrained by what you currently have deployed. With the cloud, you can scale without causing major delays.

When an organization suddenly needs to expand, they don’t have the time to wait for a new software package, a new contract to be negotiated, or new equipment to arrive from overseas. With the cloud, you have everything you need now so you can focus on your critically important work.

Cloud Solutions Help Manage Unreasonable Expectations

In the life sciences industry, change is a constant. Organizations may be asked to provide services on aggressive timetables. Sometimes you may be faced with the need to solve problem X with a budget that’s half the amount you need and a deadline that doesn’t give you enough time.

The cloud can help your team deal with these challenging situations that many life sciences organizations experience. Cloud services can replace certain types of hardware, which can be difficult to find. The truth is that in many cases, organizations can’t acquire certain pieces of equipment that they need to run their IT infrastructure at a reasonable cost.

The cloud eliminates the need for some of that hardware while also shifting the responsibility from your life sciences organization to the cloud provider. You’ll get what you need, and the day-to-day management and care of that infrastructure is now someone else’s issue.

Empower Your Team With the Cloud

Most people who work for life sciences organizations have some formal education in tech. Many of these people will want to have input on tech decisions – but that’s not in the IT department’s best interests, nor is it in the best interests of your organization. By working with a cloud solutions partner, you can empower your team to focus on the critical life sciences work that only they can do, and leave the IT to us.

The Cloud Helps Life Sciences Companies Meet Changing Regulations

In the life sciences field, the rules can change very quickly. Protocol Networks works with other large providers of cloud services to make sure that when regulations change, our clients have what they need when they need it.

Because we understand the nature of the life sciences industry, we aim to be as responsive as possible. The products and partners we already have in the space allow us to quickly respond and to make our efforts as cost-effective and time-effective as possible.

Protocol Networks Offers Cloud Services Tailored for Life Sciences Organizations

Protocol Networks is one of the leading IT companies in Massachusetts. Over the past 15 years, we have worked with many companies in the life sciences field, as one of the largest sectors in New England. As the industry boomed, we aimed to learn how to best support these organizations.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing managed services for life sciences organizations from the beginning. We managed the cloud infrastructure for a company that started with less than 750 employees, became publicly traded a few years later and grew to operate with over 2,000 employees.

Protocol Networks believes in making sure that organizations can grow any way they need to. We work closely with senior leadership to understand how we can best help their companies reach their strategic goals.

Want to learn about Protocol Networks’ cloud services tailored for life sciences organizations? Contact us today to learn more.