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Watertown, MA is a nice city that blends the comforts of suburbia with the excitement of an urban center. The majority of residents own their homes, and Watertown has a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Watertown is home to many young professionals who are liberal in their viewpoints. The public schools in Watertown are excellent, and there is a variety of shopping and dining options. Overall, Watertown is a great place to live for families and young professionals alike.

A Brief History

Home to the Museum of America, the historic Watertown Arsenal, and the Armenian Library, Watertown is one of the very first Massachusetts Bay Colony settlements organized by Puritans settlers in the 1630s.

It is best known in American history books with its first citizens as the soldiers that were part of the first battle line that marched to Concord and created the line that formed the Siege of Boston.

Today, Watertown is a thriving city with a rich history that is still being made every day.

Watertown’s Location and Geography

Watertown is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, just west of Boston. The town is situated on the Charles River and covers 5.8 square miles.

Watertown has a variety of neighborhoods that offer something for everyone. The Arsenal neighborhood is home to the Watertown Arsenal Museum and the Armenian Library, while the Coolidge Hill neighborhood offers lovely views of the Boston skyline.

Families will find plenty of space to spread out in the residences of the East End or Riverside neighborhoods, while young professionals will enjoy the urban vibes of Watertown Square.

Best Places to Visit in Watertown, MA

The Armenian Library and Museum of America (ALMA) is located in Watertown, Massachusetts, and contains the most complete collection of Armenian artifacts in North America, with over 20,000 pieces. The museum is also home to a research library with over 10,000 volumes.

The Watertown Arsenal Museum is located in the historic Watertown Arsenal, which was once the largest small arms manufacturing facility in the United States. The museum tells the story of the Arsenal’s role in American history, from the Revolutionary War to the present day.

A must-see location to add to your list when you visit Watertown is The Mosesian Center for the Arts in Watertown, Massachusetts, a vibrant multi-disciplinary arts organization. A 340-seat main stage theater, a 100-seat black box theater, exhibition galleries, classrooms, a rehearsal room, and resident artist studios are all part of the 30,000-square foot arts center.

Technology and IT Industries in Watertown, MA

Watertown is home to several Technology and IT companies, including iRobot, an American advanced technology company that designs and builds consumer robots.

Jumptools, a software company that specializes in online marketing tools, is also located in Watertown. Protocol Networks, a provider of VoIP and other IP-based communication solutions, is headquartered in Watertown.

Overall, Watertown is a great place to live for families and young professionals alike. The city has a rich history, and there are plenty of things to see and do. If you’re looking for an urban center with the comforts of suburbia, Watertown is the perfect place for you.

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