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When they first start building a company, many business owners look at IT as a means to an end. They’re more focused on growing their staff and their physical space than on their IT environment. Unfortunately, this typically leaves them with an inadequate collection of legacy tools and software, instead of a custom cloud solution that works for their needs.

Rather than struggling to deal with the problems inherent to your legacy IT environment, there are smarter ways to use your budget. This change can serve as a hard reset, to help you eliminate some of the most common IT problems that are inhibiting your growth.

The easiest way to do this is with an expert from Protocol Networks, who can offer advice and support in designing a custom cloud solution that meets your current needs and provides an unlimited increased capacity to support future growth.

Common IT Problems That Affect Your Growth

While improving your IT through a switch to better cloud services is an exciting prospect for many business owners and IT directors, fear and uncertainty can lead many companies to languish in the status quo long after they’ve identified the need to make a change.

Here are some of the most common problems that may help you realize how much you need a better cloud solution.

Your current IT infrastructure doesn’t offer enough capacity for growth

One of the most important qualities of a good IT environment is that it offers your company unlimited growth potential. If your current tools cannot grow with your company, or if they routinely prove a stumbling block rather than an asset, it’s a sign that you need a better solution that can help support and even stimulate growth.

Your current IT products are familiar, but not the best for your company

Many companies, in the first years of their growth, invest in IT products that are familiar. This can translate into ease of use at first, but a few years down the road, it’s common for business owners and IT directors to realize that these products are not an ideal fit for their company. This leads to frustration, as they then have to search out new tools on their own.

You’re locked into inadequate long-term agreements

Initially, a long-term software or hardware service contract can feel like stability, but if it’s not the right fit for your organization, this contract can become a crushing weight.

If you’re locked into a long-term contract that doesn’t benefit you, the financial costs plus the ongoing loss of productivity can be a huge drain on your resources.

You don’t have the resources to maintain your current suite of tools

Very few tools at the enterprise level are fire and forget. The most popular and useful also tend to be the most labor-intensive. It’s very tempting for companies to invest in widely lauded software, only to realize that they do not have the resources to maintain this suite of tools long-term. Then, they’re stuck with this issue for the lifetime of the product.

Improving Your IT Through Better Cloud Services  

One of the easiest ways to offer more flexibility to your staff, while improving the reliability and utility of your IT infrastructure, is to partner with an expert IT company in Maryland like Protocol Networks.

We can help you design and implement better cloud services, which help ensure that your company has a suite of responsive and flexible tools that can grow with you over time.

Want to know what benefits a solution from Protocol Networks can offer? Here are some of the advantages we bring to our partnerships.

Stress-free information

We understand how complicated it can be to try and make informed decisions when you’re dealing with reams and reams of data. Parsing this and putting it into a format that’s widely understood is an ongoing challenge. Instead of offering you raw data, we’ll help you troubleshoot by offering data that’s both easy to understand and actionable.

Simplified product interactions

The interactions between different IT products can be complex. We’ll help simplify your IT landscape by managing the interactions between all your products, and we can step in to help you troubleshoot if there’s anything that isn’t working as you’d expect.

Niche expertise

While Protocol Networks is a great asset to have in your corner, we’re not seeking to replace your in-house team. The partnership between our team and your in-house IT staff offers the perfect blend of talents. Our niche expertise and high-level skills complement your internal team’s business-specific knowledge and hands-on abilities.

Learn More About the Cloud Solutions Offered by Protocol Networks

Investing in a custom cloud solution from Protocol Networks isn’t just about better IT infrastructure. A partnership with us also offers you the expertise that comes from years of in-depth experience designing and implementing complex cloud and managed service solutions.

Whether you choose to work with us on a simple migration or use our services on an ongoing basis, there are very few issues that cannot be passed to someone on our team. Our breadth of experience makes even the most complex email upgrade or IT strategy call simple and straightforward.

Plus, we’ve been on the other side of the table as well, so we’d never recommend something that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Want to hear about the custom cloud solutions Protocol Networks can offer your organization? Get in touch today to learn more