How to Get Enterprise-Level Managed Services, No Matter Your Size

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There is no question that with today’s heavy reliance on technology, partnering with a managed services provider (MSP) is the way to go for small- and medium-sized New England businesses. Hiring and retaining quality IT staff is difficult and expensive, while deploying and maintaining the required software, hardware, networks, and databases is time-consuming and expensive. Fortunately, this is where a managed services company can help – they provide high-quality technology services at a fraction of the in-house cost, helping companies remain competitive without sacrificing productivity.

However, how can an organization be assured that they are choosing the right MSP partner? One who truly understands their business, is committed to their success and growth, and gets how IT strategy can support a growing organization. A good place to start is by looking at the unique differentiators that set an MSP apart from its competition.

Six Competitive Differentiators to Consider When Selecting an MSP

Let’s look at six of the competitive differentiators that truly set Protocol Networks apart from the crowd.

Differentiator #1: The Protocol Networks Origin Story is Different Than Most

Protocol Networks does not have your typical managed services start-up story. Founders Adam and Nick Belesimo started out working in IT strategy and architecture and in due course were driven to the IT support services space based on demand and needs from their clientele. This has shaped the organization in a very customer-centric, and security-focused manner, ultimately contributing to our lengthy and valued client relationships.

Differentiator #2: Our Inverted Organizational Structure

The Protocol Networks organizational structure is relatively flat. Instead of the top-down decision making characteristic of many organizations, the inverted management style offers a broad platform for voices at all levels to be heard. In this way, organizational goals become more evident as decisions are arrived at through consensus rather than unilateral control.

This also affects how issues get escalated. Rather than crawling through multiple levels of hierarchy that may be ineffectual, we opt to escalate to one of our strategy and architecture teams that has a deep understanding of the technology and the infrastructure and can deliver a prompt resolution.

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Differentiator #3: Our Service Delivery Meetings

The purpose of a service delivery meeting is to review current operations, discuss any potential problem areas and develop strategies for the future. Protocol Networks service delivery meetings are unique because we include representation from the network operation center, representation from the client account team, engineers and architecture specialists – all the key players that are needed to truly understand the business and be able to customize the best possible solutions.

Differentiator #4: Enterprise-Grade Software and Solutions

At Protocol Networks, we use Science Logic as our monitoring solution. This is a key differentiator from most organizations as it allows us to provide IT consulting services at an enterprise level, as opposed to at an individual machine level.

Having access to this level of advanced software is especially beneficial as these unique solutions can enable organizations to increase efficiency, stay ahead of industry trends and demands, and adapt to their customers’ shifting needs. By partnering with an MSP with enterprise-grade software and solutions, organizations gain access to innovative tools that can benefit their operations both now and in the long run.

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Differentiator #5: Our Ability to Operate in Complex Environments

As an organization that is accustomed to working on large-scale projects, we have developed a good working relationship with other internal and external companies. This enables us to work well in complicated corporate environments, with different levels of management and with other internal and external partners that may also operate in the same space.

Differentiator #6: We Can Scale Up or Down as Needed

For organizations looking to optimize their IT spending and get the most out of their technology investments, working with a managed services provider in New England that can easily scale up or down as needed is essential. Working with an MSP that’s tailored for scale allows for great visibility in forecasting costs more accurately and in accommodating business fluctuations. Making sure your MSP can escalate or decelerate their services without skipping a beat is critical when researching potential IT service providers.

Protocol Networks is Your Premier Managed Services Provider in New England

We don’t talk about change; we enable transitions. By bringing a deep understanding of networking technologies, we provide IT support and strategy based on value, trust, and engagement. Reach out to schedule a no-obligation consultation and let us show you how we can help transform your business.