Adam Belesimo

Adam started his career in the telecommunications industry working with a Boston-based DLS provider. From there, Adam moved to American Tower where he helped grow the organization from 20 to 150 sites in 18 months, while planning and performing a large datacenter move from Tampa, FL to Marlboro, MA.

It was the experience and exposure that Adam had gained through his early years in IT that helped him to launch Protocol Networks, and continue to make it as successful as it is today. Adam has spent the last 20 years as Owner, CEO, and Lead Engineer at Protocol Networks where he continues to be hands-on, in the field, as well as running the day-to-day duties as President and Founder.

Adam’s experience in IT and forward thinking business approach brings a new and often unseen approach to IT. Adam is extensively versed with all manufacturers of network and security products and holds a variety of certifications from Cisco, Juniper and other vendors.