I have a business problem that I need to solve through the use of technology. How can I put the correct technology in place that will help me solve that problem?

Protocol Networks helps customers translate their business objectives into technical solutions by assisting the customer to define their business objectives clearly. With our extensive experience, Protocol Networks is able to determine the correct IT solution to solve critical business needs.

I have network issues but don’t have the expertise or staff in house to resolve them. How can Protocol Networks help?

Protocol Networks can perform a network or systems assessment to determine the root cause of any problems reported by our clients. We can then remediate the issue(s) found during the assessment. Protocol Networks has extensive systems and network consulting experience that allows us to examine the network as an entity thereby expediting the troubleshooting process.

I have limited IT staff and no budget to hire more people. Can Protocol Networks provide me with resources to help accomplish IT initiatives or take some of the burden off of my internal staff?

Protocol Networks provides project based solutions and/or time and materials resources to fulfill customer requirements. We are a flexible, customer driven company that will develop custom solutions to meet any customer requirements.

I need to keep my project budgets on track. How does Protocol Networks develop a project so that correct budgets are developed and met?

Protocol Networks consultants work extensively with Project Sponsors to develop comprehensive Scopes of Work that are extremely detailed. By doing this, we are able to offer honest, realistic time and cost estimates to customers that allow them to plan budgets accurately and reduce the possibility of change controls and scope creep.

I am concerned about network security. How can Protocol Networks help my company identify and correct potential security issues within my network?

Protocol Networks has decades of experience working with internal and external security threats. Our engineers look at security holistically and can help a customer identify security issues, break those down into manageable entities and develop remediation for each area. Within that process, Protocol Networks can assist the customer in developing and implementing security policies which are the core of any secure network.

Will your engineers work in my geographical area?

While all of our Senior Engineers are located in the Northeast, we have regular customer engagements as far west as San Francisco, as far North as Vancouver, Canada and as far south as Florida. We also remotely support existing customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

How do you scope your projects?

While each project is unique, just as each customer’s IT environment is, most of our SoWs are quoted as Not to Exceed (NTE). NTE provides the flexibility of a T and M quote with the budgeting security of a Project based quote. It is an absolute price that regardless of how long a project takes, we will not charge more and if we finish in less time than quoted, then our customers are charged less money.