Can a company sell a product that they make money on and truly offer independent advice to a client?

That is the question we asked ourselves when we started this company. Our answer was “NO!” We don’t believe a vendor that makes money on hardware can give independent, unbiased advice. We believe that they will inevitably lean towards the product in their line that produces the highest amount of revenue for them. There isn’t anything wrong with selling services around a product; it just isn’t the type of business Protocol Networks wants to do.

When we started this company in 2000, we decided that we would provide unbiased professional IT consulting services and expertise to our clients independent of any hardware or software vendors. We knew we wouldn’t make as much money as some other companies, but our clients would be assured that the solution we present to them is the very best solution for their business requirements, not a solution based on a product that we need to make numbers on this month.

We provide a wide range of professional IT services and we know that once you work with us, you will appreciate our service philosophy and ethical approach and wonder where we have been all these years!

Network Infrastructure

Today’s applications require more and more bandwidth with each new version. How does your business satisfy the requirements of these applications? A well designed, skillfully implemented, and rigorously maintained network is the answer. However, most networks today were pieced together from evolving technology, never looking at the big picture of what service the network is supposed to provide to the business. As a result, many networks are imbalanced, able to provide acceptable services for one application, but performing terribly for another. As voice and video move onto the data network, more pressure is exerted on old equipment to provide new services, network performance degrades, and business productivity suffers.

Today’s network designs and implementations must be handled by a skilled engineer or the flow of network traffic can seriously impede your application’s response time. Maintenance and documentation are just as important as ever. Without them, IT staffers can troubleshoot for hours without resolving the issue at hand. Protocol Networks can provide your business with independent advice as to where your network is, and where it needs to be, to service your business needs. Since we are vendor agnostic, you can be confident that any solution we provide to you will not be driven by hardware or software sales.


Businesses rely on their IT departments to provide the resources and applications that drive business. Most IT services run in the background, but are critical to business success. Some of these services include DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), DNS (Domain Name System), E-Mail, WINS (Windows Internet Name Service), Samba, Anti-Virus, and Active Directory. Without these services, the business would not be able to access critical data, communicate with clients or provide internal services to employees. These services are the foundation of a strong infrastructure. Protocol Networks provides solutions to business problems with services that make businesses run more smoothly and efficiently.


Within minutes of bringing up an internet connection, it can be bombarded with thousands of nefarious attempts to access it or to discover any open vulnerability. Without the proper security, it is only a matter of time until an organization’s sensitive information is compromised.

Protocol Networks can help develop a comprehensive security policy and perform a GAP analysis of where the organization is according to that security policy. Once that is complete, Protocol Networks can independently propose a methodology of filling that GAP and help implement all the necessary recommendations. As part of a maintenance program, Protocol Networks can also perform security audits and make sure that security continues to be a top priority.

Remote Access

Today’s organizations require a workforce that is extremely mobile. Their employees must be able to remotely connect to the corporate network without compromising the security policies. Remote connections should be just as secure at the corporate headquarters as well as half way around the world. With many Virtual Private Network (VPN) options, applications can be accessed from almost anywhere in the world. Once on the network, organizations can implement application server solutions that host the needed services and allow employees to be productive any time, anywhere.

Protocol Networks has implemented thousands of remote access solutions for enterprise class clients, as well as small businesses with mobile sales forces. We can assess, plan, and implement a solution that fits your business needs and we can do it securely. You will feel confident that your organization’s information will be protected, and your employees will be more productive while being mobile.


If you’re looking to consolidate servers, decrease your data center footprint, deploy a green infrastructure, improve your disaster recovery or just lower your hardware/maintenance costs, virtualization can be an enormous benefit to you and your company. With all size companies in every vertical taking advantage of virtualization today, Protocol Networks can help assess, design and implement a virtual solution that gives your company all of these advantages.

In today’s marketplace, cost is an overriding factor. Protocol Networks can help you sift through all of the choices and come out ahead, with a solution that fits your budget as well as your business requirements. Whether it’s Citrix, VMware, Xen, on an Intel or AMD platform, we can help.

From the assessment and design phase, to implementation and support, Protocol Networks wants to help your business succeed.

Storage and Backup

Businesses utilize technology to find solutions to business problems. Recently, businesses have pushed for server consolidation, as well as storage and backup solutions that perform better relative to older technologies such as disk arrays and tape drives. IT organizations have answered the call to reduce these costs and streamline processes by providing technologies such as SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage), TAN (Tape Area Network) and Blade Servers.

These solutions can increase productivity, as well as reduce operating costs and down time during a network emergency. They are also an integral part of your organization’s disaster recovery plan. Protocol Networks can assess your organization’s storage need, and provide independent advice on the size, as well as the proper solution that will meet your organization’s needs. Protocol Networks will look at your past growth, as well as your future forecasts, to provide and implement a practical storage and backup solution that will grow with the needs of your business.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters can take many forms: a water pipe breaking, extreme weather, transportation accidents, earthquakes or even acts of war. Information technology is the lifeblood of your organization. If a disaster takes your systems down, critical business activity gets put on hold until you can recover.

In the event of a disaster, does your organization have a plan? Is there a protocol to getting your systems back online quickly and efficiently? Have you tested the plan? There’s no time to lose! You must know which parts of your infrastructure need to be recovered first. For enterprise-critical processes, prolonged downtime could lead to irreversible loss.

All eyes will be on you and your disaster recovery team. Your success will depend on how much planning and preparation you’ve done for a day everyone hopes will never come. Communication will be critical. Everybody, at every level of the organization, will need to know what their role is in a disaster, as well as who is in charge of getting things back on track. We can help you put that plan into place.

Protocol Networks specializes in disaster recovery planning for organizations of all sizes. We can help your organization create a disaster recovery plan that will give your IT staff direction in the event of a disaster, and get your organization back up and running. As dreadful as a disaster can be, there is no reason it has to be a tragedy.


As businesses require VoIP on corporate data networks, IT organizations must be prepared to handle not only the increase in bandwidth, but also have the resources available to support these new technologies. IP telephony allows for voice to be transmitted over your already existing network infrastructure. This methodology provides enterprise services such as unified messaging and contact center solutions. Video conferencing allows for voice and video to be transmitted on your network allowing for traditional barriers such as time differences and distance to be overcome. Organizations can become more agile by providing innovative and effective communication between all employees, no matter where in the world they are located. This technology can even bring medical specialists from around the world into an operating room to consult on medical emergencies.

Protocol Networks can provide more efficient and innovative communication services to your organization for less. We can provide independent solutions not bound by vendor loyalty. Protocol Networks will bring extensive knowledge and implementation experience to your business, and find practical solutions to help your business grow.


In the last few years, wireless technology has evolved substantially from 802.11a to 802.11ac. The technology to secure wireless networks has also evolved from WEP to LEAP, to keep pace with emerging threats. While wireless technology has increased productivity in industries like manufacturing, with wireless inventory and asset management, it has also presented many new security concerns. With sensitive corporate data flowing over your wireless infrastructure, sophisticated computer hackers could easily find it an attractive target.

  • How can you secure your wireless network while providing for the freedom of wireless devices?
  • Will current wireless technology provide your organization with the coverage and bandwidth needed for today’s applications?
  • How can you secure your network so your sensitive data is not available for all to see?

These are the questions that we hear all the time. Protocol Networks can assess your wireless needs and provide you with a deployment plan that meets your business requirements. Protocol Networks will deploy and secure your new wireless network to improve productivity and do it in a fashion that provides for optimal coverage and scalability should your business requirements change in the future.

Support and Maintenance

Unlike other large network infrastructure companies, Protocol Networks will help support your infrastructure. Many small and medium size businesses have a business requirement for a specific technology; however, they may not have the resources to hire a full time employee to support that technology. Protocol Networks can provide this specialized support at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. Just as Protocol Networks sells no hardware or software, we also have no “canned” solutions. We tailor each support contract to meet the needs of your organization. Protocol Networks can provide such services as active real-time network monitoring, trouble ticketing and managed services.

With customer service as our top priority, your organization will receive the very best in service and attention. All of our clients have the home and cell phone numbers of all of the officers of the company, and can call 24 hours a day with any questions or concerns.

Service Matrix

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